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When you have made your selections, just click the "Buy" button for each item you would like. Some items require a color or size choice, which you can select from a drop-down menu, or you can always send a message at the time you check out letting me know what you need.



Major credit card accepted in my shop include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Payments are processed through PayPal.



Your satisfaction is very important to me. If are dissatisfied with your jewelry purchase, you may return your item in its original packaging within 14 days of receiving it. 


Do send me a message notifying me of the problem - I would like to know what happened, or see if there is another way to resolve your issue. I answer all my e-mails, and I will try my best to help you out.


Refunds will be issued for the full purchase amount, excluding the original delivery charge. You will need to pay for the cost of return shipping.



Custom orders require a non-refundable deposit of $10 on orders of $100 or less, and 20% deposit on orders over $100. Once we have agreed on the project and a price estimate, I will create your custom order listing to appear in my online shop, and I will share the photos with you direct through email or messaging. The deposit amount will be applied toward the final cost. Additional charges may be incurred for rush work or other unexpected expenses. I expect most pieces to be complete in ten days or less.


Ideas for custom orders often originate through photos of things I now have in stock, or have created before. Please be aware that even though I start with an idea similar to something I have made before, the final product is likely to look somewhat different because of the handmade nature of what I do.


I may need to decline a custom order because I cannot get the parts needed, or because I do not have the skills or tools required to do what you have in mind. I also reserve the right to decline an order because I cannot communicate clearly with you due to language barriers, technology limitations, or unwillingness to communicate. 


I offer minor alterations to jewelry currently for sale, free of charge. I will determine which alterations are minor, and which alterations are significant enough to incur additional charge. I do not do jewelry repairs on existing jewelry which I did not create myself.  I reserve the right to recreate and sell mulitiple copies of the same jewelry that I have made for you. 


If I have created a reserve listing for you, and you fail to complete the order within 14 days of completion, your item will be offered for purchase to the general public.


I will always communicate with you about your order, especially if there are unexpected delays or if we need to discuss details more fully. Email is my primary mode of communication with customers, so I would need an accurate email address for you, that you can access and answer from frequently. 



Your privacy is very important to me. Any information you submit for the purposes of making a purchase are confidential and private. Credit cards are processed securely so that I, as the seller, never even see card numbers or other sensitive data. 


I run my business from Des Moines, Iowa in the United States, and my host site, SupaDupa, is in England.  I will take your order and send it out directly from my home in Iowa. Be reassured that both I and SupaDupa are bound by laws which protect your privacy. All personal information you submit on this website will be held securely in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998.


If you choose to sign up for my customer e-mail list, I always treat your sign-up information as confidential and privileged. I do not, and will never engage in buying or selling customer lists. You may opt out of the list or change your e-mail settings at any time.  



I have provided you with complete information to the best of my ability, based on information available to me from my suppliers, and my own extensive research. Allergies can be triggered by various environmental elements in addition to nickel content in jewelry.  


I am not a doctor or a medical professional of any sort. None of the I provide is intended to be medical advice, or substitute in any way for the advice of a qualified medical professional.  If you believe you have a nickel allergy, please see your physician to be sure that you do not have a more serious condition. 

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.  -Donna