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The jewelry is well crafted and as attractive as the pictures on the web promise. I wanted to combine the dangle of one earring with the posts of another and was very happy with the process and the result. I was confident that Donna would do quality work, but still she made sure we both were thinking the same thing, had some suggestions to make the piece even better for my purposes, and communicated with me throughout the (surprisingly short) process. I am very happy and decided to buy a few more earrings. -Rodney W.

Donna makes lovely unique jewelry. I love the care she puts in to every piece and the care she takes to box the jewelry. Beautiful presentation. I think the person I bought them for will be pleasantly surprised. I also wanted a pair for myself but I haven't worn earrings in so long due to allergies that I didn't think it was really possible. Donna was so helpful and gave very good advice. I purchased a pair of anodized niobium heart posts. I don't even feel like they are in. I would have been ripping out my 18k gold posts by now. i will try these for a while and will definitely look in to something dangly soon! -Sue P.

"This is the third time I’ve ordered from Donna and continue to be amazed at her craftmanship and artistic flare in putting earrings together. I have always preferred drop earrings and when I developed allergies to most metals, I was restricted to wearing titanium or niobium studs in very limited designs. So, it was wonderful when I discovered the  Naturally Nickel Free website a few years ago and purchase such beautiful drop earrings to wear. Donna will always try and accommodate individual wishes if possible and it is lovely to have that personal connection to the artist, rather than purchase from a website where there is no opportunity to interact and share ideas. The goods come perfectly packaged, with each item having it’s own little box and you know that Donna really cares about every aspect of her business. I think Donna is unique in this area of beautiful, exquisite, hand made allergy free jewellery and as I live in the UK, I’m especially pleased that she ships internationally." -Leanna C.

"Having struggled my entire life to find earrings that do not cause infections, I am thrilled with NNF!! There earrings are both beautiful and - most importantly, they feel GREAT! No irritation at all! I highly recommend."  -Lisa G.

"Earrings are perfect! Ive bought multiple niobium hoops from Donna, and they are wonderful as is Donna. They are so lightweight and comfortable. I hardly notice them, unlike some other way more expensive earrings. Do not hesitate to special order anything. I did, and I will never reject it. I wanted silver hoops with blue beads. WOW! They are beautiful; love them! She is so creative, was able to understand my convoluted thoughts, and exceeded my expectations by light years. I highly recommend her products! Will definitely be ordering from her in the future." -Karol H.

"After finding the Naturally Nickel Free website and seeing all the lovely unique designs, I emailed Donna to see if it was possible to replace the hooks on three pairs with posts. Donna was only too pleased to help and made the process of purchasing these modified pieces very easy. I live in the UK and Donna kept me updated on their progress and informed me when they had been posted. I took delivery of them today and they are really beautiful and even better in the flesh! I can thoroughly recommend this company to everyone and I will certainly be buying some more in the future." -Leanna C.

"I've ordered through their online shop, and the owner was so helpful in making custom sizes for me. Wonderful for allergy sufferers.” -Ellie V.

"My earings arrived incredibly fast, and this is the first time in my life I don't have to spend a fortune to avoid infections. Being that I'm allergic to 100% sterling silver, surgical steel, nickel and low quality gold. Highly recommended.” -Nora G.

"They got here really fast and they are easy to put on, no reactions to the metal, and look so nice!" -Pilar C.

"The earrings got here today. They are simply beautiful. My husband just loved them. The titanium seems to work very well for me. I wear a lot of black and love to accent with my jewelry. The look of the natural stone really makes them one of a kind and very special. I look forward to getting more of them. Thank you for wrapping them so carefully."  -Laurie S.

"I ordered 4 pair, all in different colors. The [anodized] colors are so vibrant! I am amazed at how delicate the hooks are. Next order ... hoops! What an answer to prayer to find Naturally Nickel Free so I can once again wear pretty earrings that don't cause my skin to flare up." -Pam S.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying wearing nickel-free earrings and have, in particular enjoyed your earrings, hence the reason for my additional purchases. I really like the artisan and organic feel of your earrings. Between the stones and wire work, it has an earthy energy which I love. Thanks so much for the fabulous art work.” -Kathy B.  

“Hi . . . I wanted to let you know that the earrings are fabulous! My daughter has a nickel allergy and prefers posts to the titanium French hooks I usually buy. She’s worn the earrings you made since the day they were delivered. Thanks! -Cheryl S.

“I don’t know how you got such professional looking earring cards to attach the earrings to, or how you got the material to make nickel free jewelry for those who need to use such (and boy am I one of them - even have to watch what I eat due to nickel in foods), but I am very happy with the earrings and your talent. They look great on me! They arrived within a week of ordering them too. Your personalized e-mails were a nice touch as well. I will definitely recommend your site to others (and thank you for the two business cards to share!), and would love to come back and purchase more myself.” -Michelle L. 

“I am a returning customer and was again pleased with my order. Yay for Nickel Free!” -Meghan J. 

“I love my hoops! The owner was so nice and easy to work with. I had a custom project and they turned out just as I’d hoped!” -Megan J.

“love the option of purchasing nickel free jewelry” -Jamie

“Hi Donna, Thanks so much for making nickel free earrings! I like the ones I purchased. They are the first earrings I’ve had which don’t irritate. Thankyou =)”   -Helene 

“Thank you so much for the earrings. They are in perfect condition and I love them. I would also like to let you know that I am able to wear them without getting infected ear lobes which for me is fantastic since I can’t wear a lot of earrings due to infections.”   -Elyse 

“Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings. I only recently discovered Niobium. I haven’t been able to wear earrings for so long due to constant irritation. The earrings I purchased from you are very pretty, they don’t bother my ears at all, and I’ve received lots of compliments. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am! I will be a repeat customer!”    -Joy 

“I have ordered several pair of earrings. They are all very lovely, comfortable, and extremely lightweight. It is nice not having to worry about whether or not the material will irritate my ears. Thanks!”   -Meghan 

“I just wanted to personally Thank You for your beautiful earrings! Everyone and my patients have complimented me this week. Unfortunately, I have become highly allergic to gold, silver, and those hypo-allergenic metals with age; which is no fun at all! I am so happy to be able to wear earrings again after many years. Yaaay! Thanks Donna!”   -Caroline

"I've been struggling with nickel allergy for over 30 years. I followed the guidelines written up on your blog and I have been free from red, burning, weepy pierced ears for the first time in eons!!  One helpful thing the first few days, was to apply sea salt/water to my ears because they did itch. Now I can't even feel earrings in my ears.”   -Mary 


Thank you  so much to those of you who have shared your thoughts with me & others. Your feedback helps me serve you better. If you would like to leave your own review, you can go to my Facebook pageGoogle Search, or Yelp.  If none of that fits your style, you are welcome to just write to me on my contact page.


Be well, and spread joy.

-Donna Jo