The COVID-19 Response

at Naturally Nickel-Free

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To do my part in helping to slow the spread of Coronavirus, I have closed my local shop for in-person shopping until further notice. You can still shop and place your order at  Since I am primarily an online business already, doing business at a distance is really pretty easy. 


As a personal safety measure, I have begun to ship packages via scheduled pick-up through USPS. This simply means that the carrier picks up your package from my front door with detailed instructions. This may delay your delivery by about a day.


In addition, I will not plan to sell at in-person craft shows for the foreseeable future. I will let you know if and when there is a change in that decision.


I welcome your communications. If you need to contact me with more detailed questions, you can email me at


I regret, in particular, the distance that this pandemic places between me and my local customers. Rest assured that I am still here and ready to help - it will just require a couple more steps to get things done.


Be well, play music often, and wear a mask.