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I never planned to be a jewelry maker.

But when I discovered I had a nickel allergy, back when I was a teenager, I began to ask questions and work out work-arounds. After a time, I had learned enough to successfully get my ears pierced again. When I first put pliers to wire in 2009, I knew I had to do more, and Naturally Nickel-Free was born a year later.

My guiding thought is knowing that you will be soon be wearing what I am making today. Sure, you need something that doesn't cause you pain, but that's just a starting point. You need me to create an expression. It should start with human impulse, and fuse color with craftsmanship to create something unique in the world. It should be something you respond to personally, and that is worth wearing for years to come.


why I do it

I make jewelry, not because I think it will save the world (it won't) - but if mastering your nickel allergy helps you to solve this persistent problem, it will help you to live in peace with your own body. That may even lead to you mastering other important aspects of your life. And then, well, then maybe you will save the world.


... and even more

In my daily life, there are many things that I do and enjoy. In my day job I substitute teach, which I enjoy, but my real joys in life comes from my family, from making music on fiddle and banjo, and from making jewelry, of course. I have, in the course of time enjoyed drama, music, drawing, fiber arts, wire art, jewelry making, and writing. I can see how much the arts are everywhere - they are around us and in us. I believe the impulse for all art everywhere comes from the same seed. I believe the arts keep us sane, they keep us connected, and they keep us resiliant and whole.  Teaching a child, or yourself, to commit to an art and keep at it consistently is truly an investment in well being.

I enjoy surprising myself with new challenges, and making discoveries every day. I find my satisfaction in living, through the things I do and the people I know. And that's a good place to be.


Donna Jo Wallace, owner & artisan
Naturally Nickel-Free |  jewelry for sensitive skin

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