Niobium Simple Hoop Earrings Anodized Rainbow Colors, 1.25 inch

Niobium | 1.25 inch (3.2 cm)
Beautiful allergy-safe niobium hoop earrings, anodized to be a variety of brilliant colors. These unique earrings are 1.25 inch in diameter (3.2 cm) - comfortable enough to wear every day.

Hoop earrings are lightweight by design. Secure and practical, they should be a staple in anyone’s earring collection. They also allow your earlobe to breathe, and don't even have earring backs to worry about.

The colors in anodizing niobium are achieved by running an electric current through the metal at specific levels. Using this method, I can change the color of the outer layer of the metal. I do all of my own anodizing in-house on my own equipment. No dyes or additional coatings used in this process. The finished product is still pure niobium.

Your jewelry should never cause you pain, or irritate your skin. If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reactions will become more severe over time. Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so everyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry. I make each item by hand, with care, using entirely nickel-free materials. If you have additional questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask. 1250H-12

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