Iron Zebra Jasper Titanium Post Earrings


Iron Zebra Jasper Titanium Post Earrings

10 mm (3/8 inch) | Titanium | Jasper
Rich Brown stripes cut across these distinctive stones. These Iron Zebra Jasper post earrings, 10 mm round, will be pretty and practical enough to wear anywhere. Backed with genuine Grade 1 Titanium Posts and butterfly clutches. The natural color of titanium is similar to steel gray. It will not cause or irritate a nickel allergy.

Please allow for minor differences in individual stones. Your jewelry will arrive in a satin pouch or small box, suitable for gift giving or safe-keeping.

Every item I create is handmade and nickel free. Your jewelry should never cause you pain or irritation. If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reaction will become more severe over time. Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so everyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry.

*Did you know . . . that for the first 4 to 6 months of a new piercing, it is recommended that you continue to wear earrings with straight posts?
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