Silver Rosette Ring Wire Wrapped Spiral, Size 6

US Size 6 | Argentium Sterling Silver
This rosette style wire wrapped ring is created with 14 gauge half-round wire, finished with a triple-wrapped band for more stability. This ring is available in size 6.

Argentium Sterling Silver is nickel-free and tarnish resistant. It contains more pure silver than traditional Sterling Silver, and shines brighter than platinum. Argentium Silver is made from recycled silver. I tumble and heat-treat my argentium to maximize its strength and shine. To learn more about Argentium, go to my blog post: Caring for Argentium Sterling Silver.

You will receive the same ring that is in these photos. Your ring will arrive in a simple gift box, suitable for gift giving, or safe-keeping. When I receive new wire supplies, I will make this available in additional ring sizes.

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Your jewelry should never cause rash. If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reactions will become more severe over time. Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so anyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry.

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