Onyx Bead Chainmaille Bracelet in Argentium Sterling Silver

8 inch (20 cm) | Argentium Silver | Onyx
Jet Black Onyx bead bracelet with Argentium Sterling Silver chain. Each bead is spaced with a graceful chain mail weave. I have coiled, cut, tumbled, and linked these bright silver rings. 8 inches long (20 cm).

Argentium Sterling Silver does not contain nickel, so will not irritate your skin. In addition, the small amount of germanium content causes it to be tarnish resistant. It contains as much or more pure silver than standard Sterling Silver, and shines as brightly as platinum. The silver and black color combination is both classic and dazzling.

The bracelet in this photo is exactly the same one you will receive. It will arrive in a small gift box, suitable for giving or storing your jewelry.

Every item I create is handmade and nickel free. Your jewelry should never cause you pain or irritation. You should know that If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reaction will become more severe over time. Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so everyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry.
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