Argentium Sterling Silver Simple Hoop Earrings


Argentium Sterling Silver Simple Hoop Earrings

Simple Argentium Sterling Silver hoop earrings. Argentium is not only nickel-free, it is also tarnish resistant. It shines brighter than platinum, and it is safe for people with a nickel allergy. I tumble my Argentium hoop earrings for hours to improve their shine and strength, then I heat them to maximize their tarnish-resistant properties. Hoop earrings have no backs to lose and are extremely comfortable. Argentium has no nickel, and is safe to wear, even if you have nickel allergies. Lightweight by design, easy to clean around, always comfortable.

Argentium Sterling Silver is nickel-free and tarnish resistant. It is manufactured entirely from recycled silver, and contains more pure silver than traditional Sterling. I tumble and heat-treat my finished argentium jewelry to maximize strength and shine. Click here to learn more about Argentium Sterling Silver.

Your jewelry should always be comfortable to wear against your skin. You don't have to put up with a painful rash from your jewelry any more. I make each item by hand, with care, using entirely nickel-free materials. If you have additional questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask. 1041H

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